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The entire image of your hotel depends on your customers and their reviews can make or break the image within seconds. Despite how good your service is, you will always have to meet people who want to bring you down, by posting negative reviews on online platforms or other local business directories. As these reviews have a direct impact on the decisions of other customers, resulting in the failure of your business.

You have a huge advantage to have a defense against the defamation, by seeking the service for hotel reputation management and our experts will remove the negative and unfair reviews that directly or indirectly affect the reputation of your hotel online.


Taking note of other people’s online opinions about your hotel – It is crucial to consider the opinion of others and especially your customers.


Regularly improving the reputation of your hotel – This will help you clean up the mistakes and aim for positive vibes around your hotel.

Importance of reputation management for hotels

The reputation of any business is the backbone to its moving forward or crippling down. Therefore, managing the reputation of your hotel is very vital to its success.Here are some reasons why.
1.Reviews say it all – The content within the reviews of your entity will form the basis of judgment towards your business. Even though you produce a captivating business image yet you have poor reviews, nobody will believe you. Instead, people will tend to trust in the reviews given by strangers without having any doubts.
2.A world of choices – Your hotel is not the only one in the whole wide world, which is why you face competition every day. Now, a good and well-managed review will help you beat your competition since your business will always emerge at the top for having positive feedback and reviews – that customers will not bother scrolling down.
3.Reviews over the website – Just as mentioned earlier, customers will take in reviews as nothing but the truth – the whole truth. So even though your website has a high traffic drive yet your reputation is bad, what is bound to come out of this is that you end up losing your website credibility for your poor reputation

So in what ways can you improve the reputation of your hotel?Make review sites a priority

Always make sure that you are aware of what is being said about you by your customers in the review forums. For hotels that offer accommodation may have to go the extra mile to look into review sites that let customers make a booking.

Heed negative reviews

It is almost laughable that you cannot have control of the arrangement of your hotel’s reviews. The arrangement, which is newest first (chronological order) can damage your reputation if a negative review happens to just pop up – it would be hard to ignore. Having a reputation management system comes in handy as such reviews can then be dealt with.

Allow and encourage reviews

A business that is open to being reviewed will build customer trust as opposed to that which has no reviews – or is not open to reviews. This is because customers will have a solid proof of service quality – since better the devil you know than the angel you don’t. Also, encouraging happy and content customers to review your services goes a long way in increasing your positive content. See, satisfied customers will gladly want to leave a happy review.

Open your doors once in a while

Not all the time should be about business – indulge in some pleasure. By this, I mean that choose some days to allow customers to tour around your premises and get to see for themselves what it is that you offer. This way, they can get to experience first-hand your level of hospitality.

Quick response to negative reviews

Some customers may genuinely want to be heard while others would want to just cause damage when they give a negative review. The response rate and speed can either mend or break the situation. In a quick response, the customer tends to believe that you are attentive and concerned about their troubles and they can have a change of heart. Delaying your response or not responding at all only makes the situation worse.

Eliminate old, negative and irrelevant content

Times are changing and what you had provided five years ago about yourself is by now outdated information. In order to manage your online reputation, you need to be fully aware of what your audience likes and also providing new, entertaining, informative and positive content every now and then. Go through your media platforms and eliminate the content from the past which you would not like for it to be seen.

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Monitor competition

Even as you strive to have that positive reputation with good reviews, it is not yet enough. You need to know how the competition is fairing as well. You can acquire certain information from the competition that can help you improve and makes changes that seem necessary to attract more happy customers – because happy customers mean happy reviews. Key factors for hotel reputation management

Social media

This is actually the biggest influence on online marketing and reputation building or breaking. Knowing how to focus positive energy into social media over your hotel or restaurant will build up your reputation.

Review site

this is key as much as it is also a way of improving your reputation. Choosing to work with and not against review sites goes a long way in changing your attitude and reputation for the better.

Allow positive feedback

Most of this can be in review sites or social media and you should be in a position to offer quality hospitality that will earn you positive feedback.

Quick response to negative content

Responding to a dissatisfied customer as fast possible can melt their heart of stone and turn a complaint into a positive review.

In short terms, the management of a hotel’s reputation comes in handy during online marketing and seeking to beat the competition. That means a good reputation equals good revenue.