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What Is Reputation?

The term reputation is a versatile concept, people perceived it from different angles. For instance, to a rogue whose life as being on the street since year eleven, undoubtedly that the term “reputation” is merely a joke. No doubt that an average man in a less civilized culture will attach strong value to the concept or take it seriously as well. But generally, reputation is considered as the overall quality or character an individual, brand, or corporate upholds and is known as by the general public. So, an Individual’s reputation describes who they are and represent them even in their absence.

The internet has shrunk our big world into a smaller one. Individual, celebrities, corporate, and brand reputation are now heavily represented in social media. Positive mentions are good news and hold less concern; but if on the contrary, it’s a nightmare! According to a report on NECN, many victims of scandals and rumors online have had their careers derailed by controversy, and ultimately lose their value or online reputation. This indeed makes online reputation management a vital and serious concept everyone — individual, celebrities, corporate, and brand must pay absolute attention towards.


What Is Reputation Management?

Reputation management services to be precise is the practice that attempts to manipulate, redirect, and shift the public perception of an individual, celebrity, corporate, or brand to something more appealing by simply removing the cause of disdain (Negative mentions, scandals, or rumors) or lessen its effects. Online Reputation management can be seen in two different perspectives, the Offline and Online mode.

Whenever one’s reputation is at risk, many tend to focus on social media. Even though, viable attacks mostly come from social media; nevertheless, the offline mode shouldn’t be underrated. An angry customer or an enemy of progress can take to a radio station, TV, even Newspaper to spread a false claim and ruin a company’s image.

Therefore, offline reputation management is essential to curb attacks from TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, and many more. While, on the other hand, Online reputation management or its services handle all sought of attacks from anywhere on the internet, which includes all search engines, social media, blog posts, etc..

Online Reputation Management or ORM services are subdivided into categories such as:

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Realistically, managing one’s reputation isn’t always a square meal. Since our emotions are always involved, we can overreact to negative mentions, and that’s a nuclear bomb blast. That’s the major reason the services of professional online reputation management are always important in maintaining a good image everywhere — Online or offline.

So, in a nutshell, online reputation management is when “an individual or an online reputation company” attempts to manipulate a negative review into a positive one, which automatically turns enemies of a brand into friends.


Why Is Online Reputation So Important?

Case study

They say “No matter what, you will never understand someone’s pain until you’re the one feeling it.” In the same vein, many don’t know how important it is to have a clear and accurate online reputation until that image is on fire. Larger corporations such as the United Airline could testify to the statement above. According to the report released by a reputable news media ( in 2017, United Airlines lost more than $1.3 billion in market value due to a violent act displayed in a video that went viral with more than 1 million views and mentions a day on all social media. Since then, their reputation has been rolling in the mud with a series of allegations — animal deaths, passengers kicked off planes, a child booted from his own seat, and many others, recently reported by Fox News.

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management Agency

The above example gave a clear description of how important online reputation is to a business. To wrap it up, a good online reputation does the following:

Boost Customer Trust and Credibility

Thomas Fuller once said, “seeing is believing.” That is, people simply believe in what they can see rather than the conceptual description of the entity. Today, the only physical or concrete evidence that’s convincing about a brand is their online reputation, and everyone knows how it works. Therefore a good online recommendation will naturally strengthen the trust customers have for a brand and attracts potential customers to the business.

Increase Revenues

Have you ever wondered why ants are fond of sweet things? It’s because sweet things are naturally sweet, and they want it for themselves, alone. Technically, a good reputation of a brand is like a sweet food that’s attracting customers from every direction. As long the brand is trustworthy and credible, they won’t feel any loss for buying the product as much as they can, and they won’t feel embarrassed to tell more people.

Protect Professional Image with Online Reputation Management

A positive online reputation serves as a shield and at the same time an enchanting display in the general public. Come to think of it, potential customers sometimes have little or no knowledge of a brand, and they’ll need some information about it.

And, the only source available in large quantities is the internet. With just a few clicks, all about the brands, either good or bad will be out, and their decision depends on it.

Therefore, a good online reputation is highly essential for every corporation, brands, and more to have an edge over their competitors, and keep potential customers drooling on their products.

Better Search Engine Ranking

The more a corporate, brands, individuals, and celebrities effectively manage their online reputations the better they rank, and the more their SEO visibility increases.


How Does Online Reputation Management Works?

Many times, that’s one of the thousands of questions asked by different clients. To satisfy their curiosity, we’re going to do justice to the question,” how do online reputation management works”. For every move, there is a strategy. Online Reputation Management strategies work in multidimensional ways. And to be realistic, the client’s position — individual, celebrities, corporations, and brands — determine the most effective methods to adopt. But generally, reputation management starts by recognizing the clients or brand status and where the threat is coming from.

However, it’s important to note that, when a brand is bad, there is no amount of cover-up that can flip things around. The simple solution is to re-brand the product and respond to criticisms in an open and respectful manner. But, plot or scheme purported by some ingrates to ruin the company’s image shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In a quick summary, online reputation management works by pushing/suppressing the negative feedback out of the open and replace them with appealing content. These include —being apologetic when customers find fault in the product or file a lawsuit if was a scheme to ruin the company’s image.

On an advance level, Online reputation management companies would do the followings:

  • A thorough sweep of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo, AOL, etc.
  • Employ updated technologies to scan, mostly, all social media, blogs, and web pages.
  • Create SEO content to push the negative content to the last web page.

Can Search Results Really Be Changed?

In a report released by Search Engine Journals about how search results are rolled out. Google’s Danny Sullivan revealed that Google does not make manual changes to search results as many claimed. But, does that mean search results cannot be changed in the case of defamations, slanders, and other virulent attacks?

I’m delighted to announce that the Online Reputation Guru can, in reality, Suppress/De-Index the search result on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Duckduckgo, and others using ethical online reputation management practices.

Their online reputation management guide and strategies are flawless. They have what it takes — updated web-based technology, devoted engineers, and their reputation — to perform an online reputation repair or protect it. But, how do they get it done?

There are three major means of getting rid of the unwanted page, search result, or defamatory statements to the fifth page of the search.

  • By creating SEO optimized updates on Social Media.
  • By taking potential legal options.
  • By creating contents in which your name is the primary target.
  • Submitting press releases that are optimized for your brand.

How Much Does Reputation Management Cost?

How much does ORM cost? There are many concepts that determine the total cost of reputation management. To begin with, the type of reputation management services you opt for (personal, corporate, brands, and individual ORM), the severity of damages done to your reputation, and the volumes of resources which includes time, money, technologies required to totally vanquish all blemishes on your reputation.

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management Agency

Most online reputation management companies partition their packages into several divisions. There are basic levels, which are specially designed for smaller firms and individuals looking to upgrade their brands and solve smaller online issues.

While their Medium or Professional level targets more complicated online issues such as content suppression, absolute web page removal, and more. The grand finale focuses on the most rigorous and complicated online issues at the national level.

This package is mostly designed for medium to large corporations, well-known personalities, and politicians.

While taking the above analysis into consideration, it’s crystal clear that the reputation management services cost depends on the package you desire. So, do you need a cost estimate and more before you reach a conclusion? Get in Touch with us at Online Reputation Guru for your tailor-made quote.


How Long Does It Take To Change Search?

In a journal published by Forbes (written by Ryan Erskine, a former Forbes contributor); pushing a negative content below the main page takes a lot of processes and is majorly predetermined by some external factors.

Search Volume: The number of times you get searched.

Keyword Competition: This deals with the competitiveness of your search results.

The On-page and Off-page SEO factors.

Now, suppose a brand or an entity’s average search volume is more than a million in just a month, while trusted publications agencies around the globe are also overly dedicated to further broadcast and expose the case. Undoubtedly that it might take several months (say 24 months) to start getting positive results.

However, imagine a case with fewer average search volumes and less competitive keyword with less than 10 searches in a month. No doubt that you’ll start seeing positive results in weeks or months.

To wrap this up, consistency is the major key to fast results in ranking positive content to the front page of any entity. No matter how strong the competitive keywords or severity of the damages done to a brand’s reputation, Online Reputation Guru has what it takes to completely rank positive content in no time.

Gradually, your online reputation will be restored and strengthen on all search engines. Do you want to know more About Us and how we get things done, why don’t you check in right away?


Is Your Online Reputation Hurting Your Business?

Do you suddenly have the feeling that the drop in your sales lately, was because of your online reputation? Well, you could be correct! According to Bright Local, 85% of consumers depend on online reviews as much as personal recommendations and with just one negative review you can lose as many as 22% of your customers. It’s no surprise then, that a negative review, slanders, scandalous, defamatory, and all sought of derogatory statements can ruin your business.

If that’s the case, do not fret! Online Reputation Guru will help you take control over your online reputation. Their Online Reputation Repair will completely repair damages done to your reputation, while the Online Reputation Monitoring services will manage all search results from search engines, blogs, and pages. In order to eradicate untruthful claims or negative articles hurting your business.


How To Choose A Reputation Management Company?

If you are reading this part, it’s a sign you’re ready to choose a reputable online reputation management company. However, it’s highly recommended you look before you leap unless you want more blemish on your reputation. So, how do choose a qualified reputation management company? The followings are the basic procedures you must consider top priority:

Good Reputation

Realistically, if a friend claims he could clear your name and bring it to the right shape, his name shouldn’t be in the mud. In the same vein, a reliable online reputation management company should have a flawless online image. You can be surprised to know that it’s quite easy to access a company’s reputation management online. How can you get this done? Start by checking their customer reviews, latest reports on blogs or social media. Carefully, observe how they communicate with users of social media and their publications. If it shows a green light, you can trust them with your business.

Successful Case

Good online reputation is the first condition but not sufficient enough. A reputable online management company should have a seamless record of successful cases in the business. Although, some information might not be available due to a reason well known to them; nevertheless, many successful cases are a good sign that your business is in good hands.


A good online reputation management agency should be plain and transparent in everything. They should be able to give an accurate estimate and analysis of your project. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances are bound to happen, your online reputation could be damaged than what was expected, yet, they should be able to apply special measures and turn things around as quickly as possible.

Furthermore, transparency includes stating the facts. A transparent online reputation management agency will never give dry promises of quick results or stating unrealistic guarantees to delude their clients. Instead, they will be honest and realistic.


Why Choose Our Reputation Management Agency?

We as a Reputation Management Agency, work with clients around the globe. We understand the value of the Online Reputation of every individual & a brand while keeping the quality high that makes us stand apart.

Online Reputation Management Online Reputation Management Agency

  • Result Driven Approach to Achieve Goals.
  • Diversified & Customized Solutions.
  • Successful cases.

So why not opt for our online reputation management services and enjoy seamlessly diversified and customized approaches in carrying out your project? Feel free to contact us and have your tailor-made quote.